Authentic ‘que for the beach: Cherry Grove Beach, SC’s Old South BBQ Co.

True BBQ isn’t made in an oven. It’s slow-smoked for hours and hours in an outdoor smoker. That’s labor-intensive, time-intensive work. So, it’s an art that’s fading. And, I don’t care about some PR-purchased prize that a bunch of Yankees claim as being “the best” . . . repeat after me: BBQ is a Southern thing! Or “thang”, if you will.

old south

In the Myrtle Beach, SC area, there’s no BBQ emergency Old South BBQ Company can’t handle. After all, they’re open 7 days a week, they cater to large gatherings and they deliver!

old south 2.JPG

So, where do they come down in the sauce category? After all, the Carolina mountains have a different sauce from the coast, South Carolina’s sauces are different from North’s. Oh, they’re not gonna start a war over that: they’ve got them all!

old south 6

old south 4

Of course, they have all kinds of sides and starters. Fried pickle chips are a great complement to the meat, with sweetness, salt, a touch of spice and creamy ranch dressing.

old south 3

But, if you can pull yourself away from the pulled pork for a meal, their Baby Back Ribs are very special. They don’t overchar the surface of them, so the meat flavor really comes through. They’re tender and good quality.

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