New seafood products to indulge in: SafeCatch

We first learned about SafeCatch‘s goodness HERE. They source fish with the lowest level of mercury on the planet, pack it in the finest quality avocado oil (great for paleo followers) and season it with restaurant quality spices. And now, there are new products in the line to indulge in! Before SafeCatch, people had to turn away from frequent meals of nutritious tuna, because people are aware of the dangers of mercury consumption. Certainly, vulnerable folks like children, expectant mothers and compromised health individuals had to stay away. But now, you can feel free to chow down! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

I love tuna in pouches: I feel like the texture is firmer, there’s less to drain and they’re very portable. SafeCatch’s Elite line — the lowest-lowest of mercury contents. It’s the official tuna of the American Pregnancy Association! (I didn’t even know there was such a thing.) Each pouch is hand-packed with wild tuna and unlike the rest of the brand — nothing else. SafeCatch advises to mix the premium tuna to re-blend the natural oils back into the fish. It has a light, clean taste.

Ahi Wild Yellowfin Tuna in a can comes in a big, solid piece. It’s beige in color outside, rose inside . . . like foie gras. It has a meaty flavor and a mild scent. I really like it with some chopped green onion!

And now, there’s salmon! Salmon is tasty and very, very good for you. The no salt pink boneless salmon is rather a blank canvas for your culinary skills or for a healthy, clean meal. Though it may seem plain at first, there are times when you want or really need to cut out salt. Perhaps you have dietary issues. Maybe you are trying to look your best — not bloated, less irritated skin — for a special occasion. You may have been traveling or experiencing hot parts of the world and would feel best without additional salt in your system. This product is for you!

Their other salmon is the Alaskan Wild Pink Salmon, which is seasoned with sea salt. This is ready to eat, just as it is — tasty! Its clean flavor goes so well in recipes, too.

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