Flavorful, healthy way to enhance your water: Pure Inventions

Very few of us drink enough water. I know I don’t! If you look at the dietary and weight charts created by nutritionists, the 8 cups a day might be — forgive the pun — a drop in the bucket. Water cleans out toxins, fills us up (so that we’re not constantly snacking), reduces inflammation and counterintuitively, reduces bloating. We also need nutrients and antioxidants throughout the day, too. To that end, there’s been a smoothie trend for the last several years, incorporating green veggies and as an alternative, red and purple fruits. But here’s the problem with that: it’s too easy to throw a bunch of fruits in the juicer or food processor. That’s a lot of carbs and fruit sugars! People trying to lose weight or who have diabetes shouldn’t be doing frequent multi-fruit smoothies.

But now, there’s a product that addresses a number of dietary concerns — energy, detoxification, stress, sleep, beauty and more — Pure Inventions. I was happy to be hosted to experience it! Crafted with green tea extracts, fruit and green plant extracts, they’re free of caffeine, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and calories. There are many varieties, each with a different flavor and purpose.

Pure Inventions is a water enhancer unlike others. You’ve probably seen water enhancers in the grocery or big box store . . . but even the sugar-free types are a motley blend of chemicals and artificial coloring. They’re not much better than crushed up SweeTarts or Pez! Pure Inventions broke the mold.

It couldn’t be any easier to use: just put a full dropper (or 2) in 16-20 oz. of water. Drink up! Pure Greens variety is a “superfood”: rich in the antioxidants chlorophyll, chlorella and spirulina. They describe it as having a lemon-lime flavor. I’d say this bright green enhancer has a lemon/green smoothie taste.

While they make several different fruit flavors, I tried Cranberry-Elderberry Antioxidant Fruit Extract, said to be good for immune support and perhaps urinary tract health. It has cranberry, elderberry and raspberry, for an intense, sweet berry flavor.

Pure Hydration is their coconut water enhancer. Coconut water is one of the hottest nutritional trends on the market, but who wants the calories? This is a way to have the rich flavor and electrolytes, without guilt.

You’ll see these enhancers in fine spas and wellness centers. But now, you can treat yourself spa-like at home! Just keep on using them and soon, you’ll reap rewards like glowing skin, good digestion and other benefits.



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