A very Happy Hour at Baltimore’s Ikaros

I’m always on the lookout for a great Happy Hour and I’m very picky. The place has to have food and drinks that I really like, that I would or already do pay full price for. The vibe has to be appealing: I don’t want my wind-down place to be more stressful than work is.

Recently, I checked out one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore, Ikaros, just as Happy Hour was getting under way.  Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 4-7 pm, they’ve got terrific drink and food specials! I actually made dinner of it. They started their Happy Hour in late April, served in the adjoining lounge.

There’s a group of 6 “mega bites” for $4; these are generally from the appetizers section of the menu, such as spanokopita, dolmades, gyros, feta cheese and fried zucchini.

Another category, 3 for $7 or 4 for $11, has samplings from their entree section, such as crab balls, octopus, squid, lamb chop, souvlaki.


Each of the bites were perfectly cooked, treated just like they would be if ordered off the main menu.

I ordered a Dirty Martini to drink. True to Ikaros’ Greek cuisine, it was made with Greek black olives instead of green. It changes the flavor profile, but it’s a great drink in its own right! Ikaros also has a dazzling selection of vodkas.



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