Enjoy safe tuna again with Safe Catch Elite + recipes!

There was a time when tuna was one of America’s favorite lunches. But with so much tuna found to have unhealthy amounts of mercury, people stopped eating it frequently — especially vulnerable populations such as the elderly, pregnant women and others. I was able to interview Sean Wittenberg, one of the co-founders of Safe Catch Elite canned tuna. I was glad to be hosted to experience it!

The concept was started when Sean’s mom was on a diet and ate lots of tuna. Great source of lean protein! But she got mercury poisoning! So Sean got to work discovering tuna that was the safest, sustainable and delicious.

Safe Catch Elite has requirements 10 times stronger than the FDA. He has to have each fish tested! A tuna in the same school can be loaded with mercury as one without. 95% of his tuna comes from the Northern Pacific Ocean. He circumnavigated the globe to find the best!

He sought out sushi restaurant grade tuna. It gets packed with the finest avocado oil, to fit the paleo lifestyle. The seasoned varieties — there are currently 6 — are seasoned with restaurant grade spices. The tuna is not pre-cooked, to better retain its firm texture.

It’s currently available in 7,000 locations in the US, such as Publix, Sprouts, Wegmans, Harris Teeter and co-ops.

Habanero Mint – There’s a good amount of deep, spicy kick and layers of flavor. It’s in some oil, but it’s not greasy. There’s some salt, but not overly so. It’s firm, deep red, but not strongly fishy.

Chili Lime – It’s more seasoned than hot. Mexican side dishes are a great accompaniment. It’s full of flavor, not too salty.

Cajun It’s not hot, but well seasoned. Consider this as a fish alternative on a muffaletta or in gumbo. It’s firm and meaty.

Tandoori – It has a touch of spice, grilled flavors. It’s subtle: the tuna flavor stands out. It’s meaty and firm. I added a diced tart apple to it, for a mulligatawny salad.

Citrus pepper – It’s lemony, but the black pepper stands out. It’s got a fresh flavor.

Garlic – It’s just like rotisserie chicken! It’s not too garlicky for the workplace.


Tuna Salad Three Ways

Loaded Sweet Potato with Tuna

Garlic Herb Tuna Meatball with Zucchini Noodles

Cajun Tuna Melt


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