Soothe your skin to beauty with Institut’ DERMEd

Those of us who have sensitive skin have no trouble finding products for our condition — it’s a booming business — but we sure have trouble finding products that work. Many lines ostensibly catering to us are too creamy, too oily and hard to rinse. Not efficacious! But there are so many reasons a person may have sensitive skin and all of us want to look our best. Some have genetic tendencies to skin disturbances, rosacea, sunburn, allergic reactions. I, myself, have scar tissue from a gas stove that exploded in my face many years ago. But now, there’s a line that will help with comforting and the appearance of your complexion: Institut’ DERMed. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

The line — made in the USA — was founded by Southern belle and Master Esthetician Lyn Ross. She works with luxury and medical spas all over the world. You know the products have to be top-notch, for doctors and skincare professionals to use them!

Their Soothing Cleanser has a clean, gel consistency and a citrus-herbal scent. It incorporates licorice root and grape seed extracts, along with other ingredients like green tea and aloe. It’s not foamy, but quite refreshing.

The concept of exfoliation for sensitive skin is often ignored by companies, yet it may be the most important to keep your complexion clear and even toned. Their Soothing Peel is a gentle gel that you leave on for a few minutes, using papain (a papaya enzyme) and L-Lactic acid (milk enzymes) to dissolve rough patches and soften the skin.

A couple times a week, you may find that you need (or want) some extra help with your skincare routine. The Soothing Mask incorporates many natural ingredients to enhance the calming results in just a few minutes — without the overly drying the complexion.

Reduce redness with their Soothing Toner! You may have used alcohol-based toners in the past that only exacerbated irritation, but this toner is different. Along with soothing licorice root and willow bark extract (the ancient origination of aspirin), you’ll also find goodies like honey and flower oil.

Serums are very popular, because they deliver enhanced results, due to their formulation. They are applied before other products, such as moisturizers. Licorice Serum gives you an intense dose of the calming ingredient in a light, silky product.

Their Soothing Moisturizer has a thin, silky consistency and a sweet, spicy fragrance.  They recommend using it along with the sunblocking Brightening Moisturizer during the day.

The hands and body generally have different needs from the face. Enhancing Lactic Hand and Body Lotion uses lactic acid and rich shea butter, along with olive-derived ingredients, jojoba and oat protein in a slightly fruity scented, quickly absorbed and thin consistency product. Though thin, it’s incredibly effective! Feel free to put clothes on immediately after application.

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