Off the beaten track restaurant: Völklingen, Germany’s Platform 11 3/4 [classic article]

If it’s not too bad a pun to say that a restaurant in a re-purposed train station is off the beaten track, that exactly describes Völklingen, Germany’s Platform 11 3/4, 15 minutes from Saarbrücken. It can be hard when traveling to find restaurants that aren’t only not touristy, but also hidden gems for the locals, too!

Platform 11 3/4 has German traditional fare with modern twists. Though it definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously — The Eagles were playing in the background — they have several vintage cabinets with some of the world’s finest liqueurs, to step your experience up!

I was very happy to be hosted to experience it.

Pork Pâté

I started off with pork pâté, garnished with currant jelly and a little salad. Pâté is a good indication that the chef is making things in-house and also has an appreciation of flavors.

Mixed grill

The mixed grill plate — very popular in the countryside restaurants in Germany, try it at home! — had grilled pork, sausage Nuremberg and steak cooked on the rare side, along with mushrooms and a salad with sweet pepper type of vinaigrette. There was also potatoes gratin, with a rich sauce seasoned with nutmeg.

Mineral water

In Europe, but especially in Germany, various localities take pride in serving the mineral waters produced there. Each water presumably has the terroir to go with the local food specialties.

various spaces at Platform 11 3/4

Platform 11 3/4 has all kinds of different nooks and crannies from its train station days, for different types of gatherings. There’s an outdoor space and even an observation area for their in-house cooking classes.

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