Super weird souvenirs from Taiwan [classic article]

When I saw “Come Best” energy drink at a rest stop in Taiwan, I just knew that people wouldn’t believe such a thing existed unless it came home. I mean, the “Come Best” name got my attention, but I thought perhaps it was just an awkward translation to English. Then, I noticed the graphic, with its unmistakable big, swooping arrow right to a swinging (pardon the pun) guy’s private parts. They make sure to draw him with a hip, spiky hairdo. Believe it or not, there were other interesting drinks beside the bottle, making shopping a more difficult task. They also carried a jolly slave driver-plantation master adorned coffee drink called, “Mr. Brown.” The Taiwanese appear to have no compunction about being politically correct.

Come Best has been described by their manufacturers as “grape wang refresher”. When I’ve shown this drink to people, I’ve gotten equally politically incorrect responses, including a recitation of South Park’s Chinpokomon Toy Company executive: “We are very simple people with very small penis.” Since I’m a woman not in need of any “wang refresher” and more than mildly afraid that the drink will mess with my hormones, I can’t tell you any more about it.

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