An aristocratic dinner at Germany’s Ludwigsburg Palace [classic article]

It was certainly an aristocratic evening at Ludwigsburg Palace, outside of Stuttgart, Germany. The palace featured dining, entertainment and fancy ball dress to welcome the participants of Germany Travel Mart. There were guests from all over the globe and I’m very happy to have been hosted to experience it!


Royally exquisite evening at Ludwigsburg Palace in Germany

The Palace had hired hundreds and hundreds of period reenactors to give one the feeling of being at the castle during the time of King Frederick I of Württemberg.

I could not help but realize that with my background — my dad’s people were Polish Jews trained as butchers — I would never have been allowed to step foot on the property back in the day. I looked around the opulent palace with large eyes.

Gourmet food at Ludwigsburg Palace

Each table started out with several appetizers laid out on the table:

courgette (we call it zucchini) towers with sheep’s milk cheese and a chive tie served on a small vegetable salad with pumpkin-seed pesto

Black forest ham on a small salad of chanterelle mushrooms and cherry tomato

beech-smoked fillet of local Körschtal trout with cranberry-horseradish sauce and cress

miniature meatballs of Swabian veal on an herby potato and rocket (what we call arugula) salad

fine chicken salad of corn-fed Hohenlohe poulard with vegetables and a wild garlic marinade served in a little preserving jar

small asparagus salad with wild herbs and flowers in a marinade of hazelnut oil and raspberry vinegar

The used of hyper-local ingredients and cute presentation really made it feel like the appetizers were not made by caterers, but rather chefs at an upscale restaurant.

The rest of the night at Ludwigburg Palace

The rest of dinner was served buffet-style under candlelight — cool in person, not so great for pictures. Each palace room had living tableau of musicians, magicians, dancers, even adulterers! What fun!

Outside, to conclude the night, was an exotic, compelling display of fire dancers.

Envious? Don’t be: you can rent the palace, reenactors, etc., too! Whether it’s a room for the perfect wedding, princess birthday or even the whole palace, you can have a once in a lifetime experience!

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