Chic, scenic, Canadian seafood: Miramichi, NB’s 1809

I had about four different activities scheduled for my first dinnertime in New Brunswick, Canada. So, it worked out great that 1809, a restaurant on the Miramichi River, starts serving early.

I’m told that deeper into the night, 1809 is definitely the place to see and be seen. It’s got a chic, modern bar area, indoor and outdoor waterfront seating and gorgeous views.

For bread service, they served a popover, which I noticed at a couple other places . . . they’re popular in New Brunswick and I know they’re popular just across the border in New England. They come from the English “Yorkshire Pudding” that goes with roast beef.

Being one of the Atlantic provinces, also with the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick is well-known for its seafood. Naturally, I had to go for the Atlantic Seafood Platter! It has butter baked haddock, with pan-seared scallops and shrimp, finished with lemon sauce, served with mashed potatoes.

This was one of those simple dishes where the freshest of ingredients stand out on their own. The scallops were tender and buttery. The super tender shrimp were so fresh! If you’re “over” shrimp, because tough, frozen crustaceans are all you know, you have to try this. The sleeper surprise of the melange was the haddock. It might not be something you’d normally zoom in on a menu, but then, you’d be missing out! It was mild and meaty, flaked with a fork.

Though I had to scurry with my packed schedule, this is definite a soothing and chic place to linger.

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