Easy brunch anywhere with Picnic Brunch canned cocktails

I think that canned cocktails really came into their own during the pandemic: people weren’t going to bars, restaurants or anywhere much, really. Today, whether you’re venturing into crowds or not, there are a couple of things you should be doing, for your own spark of happiness. First, you need to get back together with your buddies. Second, get out and see the great outdoors!

Weekends (or if you’re like the Dowager Countess of Downtown Abbey, every day is a “weekend”), are a luscious time. You need a day or two where you say goodbye to alarms, deadlines, rules. These days, between DVRs, podcast libraries and voicemail, there’s almost nothing you can’t catch up on later.

Picnic Brunch is a company that’s put together the most famous of brunch cocktails in a fizzy. lightly alcoholic canned version. I was happy to be hosted to experience them!

The 12 oz. slim cans are cute and elegant to hold. Make your life easy and serve them as is! Metal cans chill rapidly, so you don’t have to make long-ago plans to entertain. They’re wine-based cocktails made with natural flavors and have a 5.5% ABV — so you won’t be knocked for a loop. Of course, remember to drink adult beverages responsibly.

Bloody Mary has good body, like you would make yourself. It also has all the seasonings you would add: I noticed some heat and a light citrus garnish. It’s not sweet or ketchup-y. This is a fresh-feeling Bloody Mary. You’ll love it while sitting on your porch this summer, camping or while gathering and grilling.

Bellini is a cocktail invented at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy — a see and be seen bar, even in Hemingway’s day. Special white peach puree is blushed out with red fruit juice and topped with sparkling wine. It’s sweet without being cloying. This refreshing cocktail’s carbonation adds a festive touch. This works for brunch or as an aperitif!

Mimosas are very popular and for good reason: the orange feels like breakfast, but in a grown-up way. Picnic Brunch’s version tastes like a freshly-squeezed orange. These aren’t sugary, they’re elegant. There’s just enough fizz to feel like a just-made cocktail!

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