For a tasty dinner, ask a US Customs officer! Lubec, Maine’s Fisherman’s Wharf

Canada’s Campobello Island has many things, but a dinner scene ain’t one of them. At this time, the latest dinner is served at 4 pm. That’s earlier than any grandma-in-Boca’s Early Bird special. It’s earlier than I ate at Air Force Officer Training School. But — as the old commercials used to say — wait, there’s more! When you cross the bridge from Lubec, Maine to New Brunswick Province, it goes an hour later from Eastern Standard Time to Atlantic Time! You should have had dinner by 3 pm EST, sucka.

It’s a treat to go repeatedly through the Canadian border. Their AppCan to register all your vax info never acknowledged my accommodations address. I was just about to list the New Brunswick Provincial Jail as my hotel. If you think I’m kidding, you do not know me. The Canadian health system somehow thinks I have Covid and am currently in quarantine, though I don’t and I’m not. I am writing this from chez moi.

I quickly realized that any dinner to be had would be in the USA. So, I asked about places to go to the US Customs officer on duty. He prefaced his advice with noting that he didn’t know what I would think of the prices and he wasn’t officially making a recommendation, but that Fisherman’s Wharf was popular.

Locals tell me that I was very lucky to get a table on this perfect weather evening, let alone an outside table. I picked a place in the shade, as I don’t do well in the beating sun. The view was gorgeous.

Well, the prices are great, especially for the high quality. Of course, I had to order the “Famous” 1lb lobster dinner with lobster right from the wharf! It’s $28, $5 extra for each 1/4 lb additional.

It came with a more vinegar-based coleslaw, which is a nice contrast to rich lobster and drawn butter, fresh corn on the cob and my choice of potato. The dish was served with a bib, which I wore, because I should own stock in Shout and Oxyclean.

Everything was so incredibly of the moment, simple and just-caught, just-picked.

The next day, I ran into the Customs officer and let him know: thumbs way up!

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