Milkshakes at an old-fashioned soda fountain: Baltimore’s Charlesmead Pharmacy

Today, a neighbor of mine celebrated her birthday and had a delightful idea for a party: we all went for house-made real milkshakes at Charlesmead Pharmacy in Baltimore. This old-school indie pharmacy has a classic soda fountain! Open 6 days a week, you can get made to order breakfast, lunch and fountain treats, sitting on a stool.

They have a milkshake flavor of the month! So, for the last day of January, I ordered the toffee milkshake: excellent and rich. They have lots of other flavors if you prefer, though.

They also carry those old-fashioned candies and gums that Grandma always had in her purse, like BlackJack (licorice gum), Choward’s candied violet hard candies, horehound. Some of these are really great if you have a sore throat or just a dry tickle during concerts or lectures.

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