Repair your hair for Valentine’s Day with Redken

Whether you have been skipping out on salon visits during the pandemic, resolved to up the self-care for 2022 or your ‘do has fallen victim to the Saskatchewan Screamer or the Bomb Cyclone, you might be looking for an unprecedented level of help for your hair to look cute for Valentine’s Day. Here’s Redken to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Here is a good suggestion: use the Extreme products before seeing your stylist, if it’s been a while since your last visit. Otherwise, if your tresses look too shaggy, they might wanna cut off a lot more than you’re prepared for.

Extreme is Redken‘s new category for strengthening, anti-breakage and repair. There are several products for differing needs, targeting specific hair issues.

Extreme Shampoo is for generally damaged hair, with protein, 3% of their strength complex (including amino acids and arginine), as well as citric acid — which will help smooth down roughened outer hair cuticles. The shampoo is a rich, pearlized liquid consistency, with a light gourmand fragrance.

Extreme Conditioner has 4% of the strength complex, to repair the root, core and tips of strands. It has a lotion consistency, with the same light gourmand fragrance as the shampoo. It’s not heavy, oily or waxy and rinses out easily.

So, once a week, you can do some extra pampering with the Extreme Mask for Damaged Hair. It’s also a lotion consistency, but with 6% of the strengthening complex. You leave it in for 3-5 minutes. Again, this is not a heavy product — though it does give heavy help! I noticed a more floral fragrance.

So, have you been coloring your own hair at home, waited too long between salon visits or have aging hair that’s looking like overcooked egg yolks or rusty water? Redken has several hair care products for the full range of blondes, from strawberry blonde to icy cool. I tried Color Extend Blondage Shampoo with violet pigment.

They advise you to use gloves while applying and rinse/repeat. If you are in need of intense cooling down of your color, you can leave that second dose on for a few minutes. Just using the shampoo, it significantly helped class up my blonde coloring. People noticed! Now, if your hair grabs a little more purple than you’d like (though even that’s a thing with “the kids”), the tones become more subtle after a wash. I use it once a week or so, the treatment lasts very well.

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