Enjoy life at home with Pura Vida Tequila

When most of the United States is stuck at home, you need to make the most of it! First, turn off the tv. I know I can’t take one more PSA or ad talking about “In these uncertain times,” . . . can you? So, put on a little music and get out a snifter-type glass or — if you’re done with making sourdough bread — pull out all of your mixology gear.  It’s time to enjoy some Pura Vida tequila! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The story of Pura Vida mixes like an exquisite drink two things: unique land and extraordinary personalities. Los Altos, Mexico has been specially recognized for its high sugar content blue agave, the ingredient of tequila. Pura Vida Tequila founder Stewart Skloss was raised in Texas, near the Mexican border. He studied in Mexico as part of a UT college exchange program and for a minute there, started a tequila company. He came back to that project decades later, after being encouraged by business pal John Paul DeJoria, of Paul Mitchell and Patron tequila fame. Pura Vida is made with an especially pure water and “farm to bottle” ingredients.

The Reposado expression is triple distilled and lightly “rested” in high quality, American oak bourbon barrels. I experienced a nose of sweetgrass, a little bitter almond that dries down to light sourwood honey. Flavor-wise, I noticed smoothness of the oak barrels, a bite on swallow, tingle of alcohol, with vanilla flavors to finish. You can easily sip it neat.

I would suggest using it in cocktails that bring out the vanilla, even if you like tequila – citrus drinks, such as a Creamsicle style drink or with muddled roasted ruby red grapefruit. Put it with a little butter and vanilla salt on roasted corn! Serve with white cheese dishes.

This is what they say about it:

Production: Triple-distilled 100% Blue Agave Tequila
Color: Amber
Aroma: An ample array of aromas from jasmine, mint and agave to cocoa and vanilla.
Taste: Smooth taste of agave, a touch of mint, jasmine and light laurel flavor that intertwines with the woody, chocolate, and vanilla hints from the barrel for a slightly peppered yet slightly sweet taste.
Finish: Light

The Anejo expression has a nose that’s more floral, with a hint of spice, like geranium. Then, powerful almond cookie. Flavor-wise, it’s very smooth sipping, a little warming with swallow. A little light golden tobacco finish. It has the quality of smoother bourbons, but without the heaviness. Medium bodied. I think it’s smooth enough to pair with the right kind of cheese plate or even with rich fruit compotes, such as fig or mincemeat.

Here’s what they say about it:

A ultra premium tequila, Pura Vida Añejo is aged for a minimum of one year in high quality, American oak bourbon barrels. This aging process allows our Añejo to darken and mature resulting in a flavor that’s smoother, richer, and more complex.

Production: Triple distilled and aged to perfection for a minimum of 1 year in Kentucky bourbon barrels.
Color: Amber
Aroma: Sweet and light, with hints of pear with further scents of vanilla, coffee, chocolate and oak.
Taste: Rich, elegant taste, with hints of red raisins, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, a hint of pepper and a floral aromatic.
Finish: Smooth and spicy

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