Glamour for your fur baby: Mettalusso More Cat + Dog Vegan Clean Beauty Cleansing Wipes

The ASPCA and the Humane Society have both recently reported massive increases in pet fostering and adoptions. The shelter in place orders stemming from Covid- 19 in most states (and maybe some marriages on the rocks) have inspired people to clear out their local animal shelters! That’s certainly great for the puppies and the kitties. I adopted Madam C.J. 4 years ago from A Buddy for Life, a foster organization now in Delaware. Her actual brother, Dexter, is available!

I love snuggling with my puppy, but have often wrinkled my nose in bed and scowled, “Madam, you smell like butts!” or “Madam, you smell like wees!” Plus, it seems like I’m on daily booger removal duty. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something easy to use and convenient to help beautify your fur baby? Mettalusso Love + Luxury is the first people and pet beauty company and they have a new product to the rescue (if that isn’t too bad a pun). Madam and I were happy to be hosted to experience it!

More Cat and Dog Vegan Clean Beauty Cleansing Wipes are truly a game changer. They are pop-up extremely mild skin and hair conditioning 100% +wipes, with a natural vanilla scent. They are paraben free and SLS free.

At first, when I came at Madam with a wipe, she was all squinchy, like a little kid. But that deep vanilla cake scent really got her intrigued. She was willing to let me wipe her down and even kept following the cloth around. I love the way she smells now and she seems to, too! I’ve seen her little smile a lot more frequently.

They’re in a waterproof container that doesn’t leak, so the wipes are perfect for traveling.


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