It’s time to treat yourself to some Mallows & Madness!

Lisa Pomeroy is the wildly creative chef behind Mallows & Madness — (@MallowsandMadness on all the social networking sites) a confectionery company in that hub of good eatin’: South Carolina. She makes all kinds of grown-up marshmallow sweets, for discriminating palates. Mallows & Madness uses organic ingredients whenever possible, as well as natural and/or pure oils and extracts. They even make a vintage-style golden syrup (a caramelized invert sugar), instead of using corn syrup. They use arrowroot powder instead of the cornstarch commonly used in coating mixtures. They incorporate filtered water, coffees and teas, 100% juices, nectars, and sometimes even liqueurs in their special confections. You can order them online, so convenient. I was happy to be hosted to experience them!

Some of their latest creations have not made it to the website yet, but you can always call and order them by phone. Their marshmallow cremes are not like anything you’ve ever seen at the grocery store! Cucumber Serrano Marshmallow Creme is not like anything you’ve ever tried, but you need to. It’s light and fluffy, with a tiny bit of heat. Spread it on little crustless white bread for tea sandwiches. Make sandwich cookies with buttery cookies or ginger snaps. It would make a sophisticated and tasty topping for congealed salads. Thin it with a little cream for fruit salads. Try it with one of those Elvis-style peanut butter- banana – marshmallow sandwiches!

Their macarons are tender with exotic flavors and spices, elevated fruits like fresh fig.

Here’s the 411 on some of the unique flavors:

Cookies and Cream – The marshmallows are soft, with a little bit of chew. The cookies have an appealing bit of salt, enhancing the rich cream flavor.

Mocha Lavender – Bring these out for your most elegant tea parties. You could float them in hot cocoa or on lavender tea. Try serving them with a bowl of fresh strawberries!

Espresso – It’s not too sweet! Just a teeny touch of sweetness. Europeans would love to serve this alongside espresso. This flavor would be good with hot or iced coffee — float it on top. I would even suggest this flavor sliced and served alongside some very, very aged country ham.

Caramel Apple – Tastes like the real thing, but with cinnamon. Try this accompanying hot cinnamon tea or even hot milk, for comforting after a hard day.

Cranberry Chai – It’s spicy and tangy! Serve it with chai or plain tea. Serve alongside turkey cranberry tea sandwiches. Chop it up and use it to top sweet potato casserole.

Double Vanilla – Is like angel food cake.

Carrot Coconut Ginger – Is exotic, like Indian cuisine. Munch it with hot, black tea: let the flavors shine!


One thought on “It’s time to treat yourself to some Mallows & Madness!

  1. Tamar, you’re a genius… you gave me some ideas for uses that even I hadn’t thought of 🙂 Thanks so much for the wonderful shout-out!
    Lisa Pomeroy

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