Get the new seasonal coffee flavors from Amora

Amora is a gourmet coffee and tea subscription service where you pick the very type of coffees you enjoy, the roasting style and frequency of delivery. In their flavored coffee category, they have classics and also, seasonal flavors. Fall is here and the fall flavors are here! I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

Now that the weather has cooled down, it’s nice to have a mug of something hot in your hands! There are certain flavors in America that usher in the season and Amora is onboard with that. Also, with the baked goods and holidays coming up, you can find yourself with some added baggage that no New Year’s resolutions will cure. Instead, make some tasty flavored coffee, serve it to your friends, bring it to work.

First, the quality of coffee is on a whole different level than those chain stores. Amora ensures that the beans are hand-selected, given a 9 step (instead of 3) roasting process and roasted by 5th generation master roasters here in the USA.

Southern Pecan – Presioca blend – has a pecan liqueur nose. I have pecan liqueur in the house . . . those together make the perfect after-dinner drink! The flavor is roasted pecan, fresh out of the shell, not a phony candy flavor. There’s a good deal of “snap” in the coffee. Black coffee drinkers will be the first to appreciate the roastiness.

Pumpkin Spice – Speciazno blend – is Amora’s gourmet take on the fall flavor craze. It has a powerful spice nose, bright. Flavor-wise, you really get that pumpkin fruit and freshly-baked pie. Nothing “basic” here! It’s a terrific morning wake-up or end to a rich dinner with a little sweetener and cream.

Now’s the time to start a subscription, when you’re planning those seasonal get-togethers!


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