Build layer upon layer of flavor in your home cooking with Sonoma Farm

I first introduced you to the artisan condiments of Sonoma Farm HERE. But really, there are so many more flavors to explore! If you invest in luscious, shelf-stable add-ins for your food, even the simplest budget meals become gourmet. Think: leftovers, rice, pasta, eggs, toast and salad. I was happy to be hosted to delve deeper into the brand. They use farm-fresh veggies and fruits from Illinois, California and Italy. It makes a difference!

I want to give you some ideas how to incorporate the super spicy items such as Ghost Pepper Extra Hot Salsa, Hot Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Carolina Reaper Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For some of you, extra hot is too hot . . . in regular proportions. But, they can add just the right amount of heat when you’re cooking for the whole gang: think church suppers, massive pots of chili, soup, barbeque sauce. Take an espresso spoon to drizzle some oil on a fatty steak. Mix the salsa with plenty of cream cheese.

Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar has a tangy nose and fruit-forward: like the earliest garden strawberries I just picked today. Try this on a sweeter vanilla ice cream, with mayo for a fruit salad dressing or with chicken salad.

Pineapple Jalapeno Medium-Hot Salsa packs the fruit and heat to up your game with Mexican food, in omelettes, even hot dogs and sausages! Try it on those duller meats, such as weisswurst, chicken burgers and mild meatball hors d’oeuvres.

Greek Feta Pasta Sauce has a good amount of feta and oregano blended in, rich in flavor. You know how sometimes, you don’t want to make pasta, because you’re out of cheese? Well, this takes care of that! Slow simmer leftover chicken or ground beef for an exotic dinner. Try it with pasta shells and also, green beans!

Mango Balsamic Vinegar has bright, tangy fruit flavors with a savory note. This makes a great marinade or baste. I love it in Chinese chicken salad, tropical salads and even on a bahn mi sandwich.

Garlic Lovers Pasta Sauce is garlic forward, but fresh tasting — not garlic powdery. It has other veggies in in, like spinach and red pepper. I poached some chicken in it, along with some Swiss chard: it was terrific! The sauce has nice texture.

Fig Balsamic Vinegar has light fig flavor, not too sweet. This vinegar would be particularly terrific with soy sauce as a different dip for sushi.

Pineapple Mild Salsa has a fresh, farmer’s market nose. There’s a hint of pineapple flavor that sweetens up the tomato, but it’s not cloyingly sweet. It’s not overly salty, either. There’s some texture to it, but you could still make sauces and dips with it. I checked on the label: it’s a decent source of Vitamin C and iron.

Sweet Peach Mild Salsa is fruit-forward with sweetness, but still fresh tasting with veggie notes. Try it with barbecoa tacos, game sausage, mixed into cottage cheese.


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