Get gorgeous good hair days this summer with Philip B. Weightless Collection

As the seasons change, you have to be cognizant that your hair needs change. Heavy, dense oils and waxes don’t look well in summer and won’t allow you to have a modern style. You want light, lively and touchable. Philip B. — the creator of the creme de la creme of luxury haircare products around the globe — has the new Weightless Collection. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

If you don’t frequent the most exclusive spas and boutiques of the world, perhaps you aren’t familiar with his collection, but no doubt you’ve seen his work on celebs like Mick Jagger, Iman, David Bowie and Prince, back in the day. All sorts of upscale magazines, like Forbes, have pronounced his products “splurges worth the money”. When I was first out of school, I bought and still treasure his book, Blended Beauty. Philip B. has always had a fascination for the use of natural fruits, veggies, flowers and oils in beauty products. The book details the nutritional and aromatherapy benefits derived from various ingredients.

Weightless Volumizing Shampoo is much different from volumizing shampoos that you get at the big box stores, with all of their harsh plasticizers and alcohols. The Philip B. shampoo has that sexy, Southern fragrance of natural magnolia flowers, along with other nutritives, in a creamy gel base. It deep cleans the perspiration, product buildup and other gunk that’s keeping your hair dull and lacking in body. It hydrates without being greasy.

Weightless Volumizing Conditioner hydrates and detangles with a thinner lotion consistency. It has the magnolia flowers, along with protein and coconut water. While it detangles, it doesn’t leave your hair too slick and wilted to hold a style.

Weightless Conditioning Water is a game-changer in haircare. Billed as an “instant shine and repair spray”, it also incorporates magnolias and natural extracts. Use it in spots where you need a bit more help, detangling or smoothing. Spray it lightly all over. It’s not a heavy shine product that will kill your style. It brings out the best in colored hair and can be used on damp or dry tresses.

One the classic and most important items in the Philip B. line is Rejuvenating Oil. It’s part of the original products that transformed the haircare business. Light plant and flower oils like jojoba, lavender and geranium do heavy lifting for deep conditioning. You can use it by blowdrying it in to warm it, wrap a towel over your hair, keep it in 20 minutes to overnight, use it as a pre-treatment, a finishing product, pre-swim protectant. It has an exotic fragrance and gives effective results.

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