Keeping up to date on the flavors of Amora Coffee

Are you like I am, researching flavors and scents of products you’re considering? I like to know, to imagine, to choose. With the sophisticated, wide-ranging flavors of Amora Coffee, I know you’ll want to discover them for your own. I was happy to be hosted to experience them!

You can learn more about Amora’s coffee and tea subscriptions HERE, HERE and HERE. With Amora Coffee, you subscribe, you pick the frequency, amount and flavor(s) that are sent to you. They roast the coffee just for you and send it your way!

These days, I frequently have friends over to my house. Going out all the time is not only expensive, but we find that service is frequently indifferent and even rude. My friend Claire pretty much had to fight someone off who was trying to grab her soup spoon out of her hand. Seriously! At a bar, if the bartender acts like I’m invisible, I wander away without spending a dime. At home, I get to take out my lovely vintage china and treat my loved ones the way I want to be treated. And, I don’t expect tips, either!

Even people who claim to not like flavored coffees love these, because they’re not phony or chemical tasting. Their aromas and flavors are well balanced, do not mask the essential coffee. Here are a few more of Amora Coffee’s delightful varieties:

Berrini Blend (Blueberry) will really surprise you if all you know are artificial syrups. I know what the freshest blueberries take like, as my folks and I used to go blueberry picking in South Haven, Michigan. With Berrini Blend, I experienced a rich coffee and blueberry nose. I tasted natural blueberry and wine flavors. It’s comforting! Let me tell you, it’s great with milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon: a real “baked goods” flavor.

Speciazno Blend (Pumpkin Spice) is seasonal, but really this one is good all year ’round. I experienced a snappy spice nose, not a dull and dusty cinnamon. It’s a mellow coffee with chai-like flavors, which would be a terrific close to a number of ethnic cuisines.

They have a collection called Limited Reserve, which are choice, rare varietal coffees. Hawaiian Elegance is finely ground. Hawaii is famous for Kona and other extremely hard to source varieties. My mom used to love traveling to Hawaii and she’d bring back coffee for me . . . but then, her favorite cruise line got sold and she got routed to some obscure atoll in the South Pacific and no more souvenirs for me. She should just order this, because it’s great! Whether talking about liquors or wines or coffee, some people will describe a flavor note and you’re looking at them like, “huh?” when they wax on about leather or tobacco or what-have-you notes. But seriously, this has a dark cocoa and tangy berry nose with a 70% dark cocoa chocolate bar flavor. It really does! Just add a little sweetener, you’ll see.


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