Figure-friendly Valentine’s Day treats: Amora Coffee flavors

Face it: most boxes of chocolate are kind of terrible . . . yet, if they’re put in front of you, that binge will last less than a Netflix binge. This Valentine’s Day, how about a calorie-free delicious taste treat that’s great either for breakfast in bed or after a rich, decadent dinner. We first learned about Amora Coffee subscriptions here. They have satisfying dessert flavors and I was happy to be hosted to experience them!

Serve in your best bone china cups — eBay or tag sales are a thrifty source — and you have a beautiful moment fit for royalty.

I like the dessert flavors’ suggestive names. That helps create a romantic vibe.

For a recap on French Vanilla, (Angelico blend) it’s medium chocolate color. The nose is buttered nut at first, but then goes to French vanilla. Flavor-wise, it has a delicate but distinct French vanilla in a smooth, full-bodied coffee. The coffee flavor still stands out.

In folklore, hazelnut is said to bring good fortune. Cinnamon is said to bring success, protection and to have been an ingredient in love spells. That certainly sounds like a combination for Valentine’s Day! Hazelnut Cinnamon (Flirtare blend) has a chocolate-like nose, but flavor reminiscent of hazelnut pralines, with a delicate, sweet, nutty flavor in a full bodied coffee.

Where I grew up in Chicago, there’s a family-owned bakery that sells Schwartzwalder Kirschtorte: Germany’s famous Black Forest Cake. It was my favorite thing to eat! It’s what I requested for my birthday and, well, everybody else’s birthdays. My dad felt the same way. It was rich and chocolatey and juicy, all rolled in one. I also remember long before I was allowed to wear makeup, my mom approved a certain lip balm brand. When I learned that they had a chocolate cherry flavor — along with a practically lipstick-worthy rosy brown tint — I gathered sofa change, stuffed it in an envelope with a handful of stamps and sent it off to the company. It was easier to get forgiveness than permission! Clearly, I think this is a magical flavor combination. Chocolate Cherry (Caramia blend) coffee has a nose of cherry pie filling, chocolate cake and coffee. The flavor is bright cherry with cocoa. Give this a try for a special, romantic Valentine’s Day.

Trust me, you’ll be mad at yourself if you consume a pint of ice cream, but it’s guilt-free all the way with Caramel Vanilla (Carezza blend) coffee. The nose and the flavor is deeply buttery and pastry-like. Make it double-strength and blend with crushed ice for a super dessert! Another trick to try: freeze some in plastic ice cube trays. When they melt, they won’t dilute your drink. Go ahead, take a sip of that!



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