Get coffee freshly roasted just for you: Amora

I’m all about discretionary spending money for quality and pleasure, not out of habit. Most finance and culinary experts strongly suggest not turning over cash several times a week to that ubiquitous chain store. Don’t settle for what you’re used to! Be confident in choosing quality.

Subscriptions are a fun thing to look forward to in the mail and you can get them for all kinds of products. Now, there’s a gourmet coffee subscription: Amora Coffee. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

After the owners had gone on a vacation, touring a coffee roaster, they realized that freshly roasted coffee and what they had been drinking were in two different universes. They decided to bring freshly roasted coffee — packed while still warm — to everyone. You can pick from a few roast styles, several flavors and a seasonal flavor, in whatever combination you choose, with most folks selecting monthly delivery.

Elegante blend is medium chocolate brown in color. It’s got a bright, tangy aroma, that fades to walnuts, then to toast notes. Flavor-wise, it’s a bright coffee, but not overly snappy/acidic. Then, it goes to smooth, rich, milk chocolate notes. They consider it 2/4 out of their intensity rating.

French Vanilla is medium chocolate color. The nose is buttered nut at first, but then goes to French vanilla. Flavor-wise, it has a delicate but distinct French vanilla in a smooth, full-bodied coffee. The coffee flavor still stands out.

Vigorosi is finely ground, boldly roasted. This is a good option for espresso lovers. It’s rated as 3/4 on their intensity scale. It has a dark chocolate color, with a coffee-wood aroma. The flavor has nuts in a smooth coffee. It’s bold, but not harsh.

Intenso is finely ground, fiercely roasted. It’s 4/4 on their intensity scale. I experienced fir-pine scent notes. It has a rich, roasty coffee flavor that goes into flavors of darkest pure cacao: satisfying. It’s also a good option for espresso lovers.

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