Cocktails for your skin: Intoxicating Beauty

I’m not surprised that the creator of Intoxicating Beauty — a line of clean, cruelty-free skincare products incorporating active ingredients of beer, spirits, sake and wine — was a lawyer. I can tell you that the exacting nature of the profession, along with listening to clients’ problems for hours on end, and then add a little personal drama in your own life, is a recipe for nasty skin problems.

Teresa Norvell not only was an attorney, but a model and also specially trained in beers and serving them with a prestigious Cicerone certificate. She started using hops and later sake, vodka and wine to successfully heal her skin. It’s been well-known for centuries that sake brewers have very soft hands, skin. I was happy to be hosted to experience the line!

The smallest details have been well-conceived. Packaging is reminiscent of spirits and wine bottles. The fragrances are elegant and unisex; they’re meant to evoke the happy occasions when you’re toasting to good times!

Body Rinse on the Rocks is an interesting entry into the body cleanser category. It incorporates their signature Lime Vodka Tonic natural fragrance. It’s a hand and body wash that’s fluid — not goopy. It’s clean and silky; it doesn’t foam up with a bunch of chemicals. Instead, it incorporates organic vodka, aloe and lime oil. It’s easy rinsing, too. The fragrance is snappy and citrusy.

Craft Body Brew Body Butter has a hops and light floral nose. The wide-mouth jar has a little scoop inside — to protect the product and your nails. It’s very rich and hydrating, with beer and oils. I found the hydrating benefits even continued overnight.

There are different scrubs in the line, for different purposes and effects. Beautitini is a salt scrub for your body that has the Lime Vodka Tonic goodies and fragrance. It also comes with a little scoop. This product has many hydrating oils, so it’s not abrasive. It’s great to use before a mani/pedi!

Sweet Hops is a sugar scrub with beer, hops, sugar, crushed walnuts and botanical oils that would work well for fragile body skin and fragile hands. I saw somewhere that you can use it on your face, but you may find it a little oily for that. This product also comes with a little scoop and its fresh hops/floral scent is intoxicating!

Using quality ingredient products with evocative scents will provide multiple healing benefits to your skin and well-being!



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