Artisan cheese straight from the source in NY’s Finger Lakes: Sunset View Creamery

No matter how cool a store or restaurant you go to in town, there’s always a filter. The store has a “buyer” who goes to the fashion shows to cull what he or she thinks you might like to wear. The restaurant — even when “farm to table” — isn’t going to feature everything on its menu. New York’s Finger Lakes region is famous for their cheeses, so why not visit the place where it’s made? Sunset View Creamery is at a beautiful, bucolic farm setting. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

I must’ve been too wowed by the setting to get a photo of the outside, but trust me  when I tell you they’ve got the fanciest farmhouse I’ve ever seen. The tall, Italianate structure, complete with cupola, looks upon the whole hillside — thus, the name. You can get a leaflet directing you to a self-guided tour of the place.

There aren’t a lot of places in the US where you can still buy raw milk, but you can here! You do have to fill out a waiver form, though.

I did a little cheese tasting of their creations. Burning Trash Can is unbelievably hot! But I can totally see it enlivening something a little blah like chicken chili. Heritage is like Parmesan got married to Swiss, with a good hit of salt. It’s got a slightly crystalized texture. Bel Paese is drier than feta, but in that realm.

They make ice cream and sell lots of terrific locally made products. Since the Finger Lakes is renowned for wine as well, it was great to be able to get wine-fruit marmalades and jams. They made for enjoyable, simple desserts at home on sweet biscuits and ice cream.

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