Suds ‘n’ socializing like at an English pub: Seneca Lake Brewing and The Beerocracy

Do you somehow believe that if you head out to the country while traveling — maybe alone — there might be nothing to do or you’d find yourself awfully lonesome? What if you could step into a British style pub, with authentically British style ales . . . and a gorgeous view of the hillside out back, wouldn’t you feel like you immediately had somewhere you belonged? Almost like a private club in New York’s Finger Lakes region . . . You get all of that and more at The Beerocracy — Seneca Lake Brewing Company’s on-site turn of the century Tudor style pub. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

They’re serious about you having a good time — cellphone used is prohibited, incurring $10 fines that are donated to charity. But they have games, darts, live music and food trucks. Walk to the back and enjoy the deck with stunning vistas of mountains.

So, what’s the beer like? I’m not a beer expert by any means, but I found theirs to be quite easy drinking, flavorful without being heavy. I learned that Seneca Lake Brewing Company employs the pre-Industrial Age technique of cask conditioning: it adds a touch of natural carbonation. While you may have heard of British “warm” beer, they actually serve it at 52 degrees — cellar temperature. This is the best temperature for the palate!


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