Where the “cool kids” gather to nosh and sip: Corning, NY’s Hand + Foot

When you’re alone and out of town, are you sometimes a little intimidated eat at the hot place in town? Do you miss out on local flavors, interesting creations, because you’re afraid you won’t be comfortable or won’t fit in? On a lively, charming street in historic Corning, NY, everyone knows of a place to eat and drink that’s cool without being painfully trendy or off-putting: Hand + Foot. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!


With high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows letting in natural light, there’s an openness to the place, without a trace of furtiveness. Edison lights enhance the glow. There are interesting wingback chairs in corners, a warm wood bar and a long, wooden communal table. It’s clearly a way to get acquainted! One thing you won’t see: hanging televisions. You should put away that infernal cellphone, too. Classic rock plays in the background. Creations from local artists deck the exposed brick walls. Definitely come a you are.

Beverage-wise, you’ll find interesting spirits, fine local wines, mixologist style cocktails,  down-to-earth beers like Pabst, even New York soft drinks like Ithaca root beer and Harney tea! Feel free to get what you want: pretentiousness or faux ironic just aren’t “things” here.


Food-wise, it’s 75%+ locally sourced produce, meats and cheeses made into a fun assortment of small plates, global gastropub flavors, house-made pickles crafted from a number of veggies. Choices range a wide swath from buttermilk fried chicken, vegan selections, pit ham to seared ahi tuna.






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