Safe, beautiful teeth whitening with intelliWHiTE

Yellowing teeth really ages you. They’re unhealthy looking and make you seem like you’ve never seen the great outdoors. But you really have to be careful about what you use to whiten them: it’s said that strips can be very harmful to your enamel and you can’t grow more!

Dentist treatments cost a fortune and your time. But wouldn’t it be great to be treated by a celebrity dentist? Imagine what would change in your life if you had a bright, white smile? Dr. Jennifer Jablow helps create the good looks of FORD Models, talk show hosts, CEOs, fashionistas and music stars. She also created intelliWHiTE, the in-home whitening line. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

The hallmark of intelliWHiTe is its fast-acting gel, in tandem with a mouth guard that protects your gums from the gel. I tried the Platinum style of gel, the boosting gel and COCOBRITE coconut oil toothpaste. (Yes! Everything is coconut oil now.)

The toothpaste is quite nice — not greasy or weird, I promise! It has a peppermint patty flavor and is refreshing without being harsh. It does take a little bit to get out of the habit of wetting your toothbrush . . .you use it on a dry brush.

POWER BOOST is a hydrogen peroxide gel that you use in tandem with your toothpaste for more whitening and it’s safe to use every day. That’s a good concept, keeping up on stains on a daily basis.

The Platinum Whitening Pen and Mouth Guard are clinically proved to whiten teeth 6 shades in 4 days and 8 shade in 7 days. I have a combination of natural teeth, veneers and bonding. The product won’t whiten the dental work, but it sure cleans it up! The very first time I used it, I noticed that my veneers were intensely shiny. The gel really cut through the accumulated grime. A week later, my smile did seem brighter and fresher.

Now, there’s no getting around it: the mouth guard is uncomfortable. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s annoying. However, unlike strips and other products, you only keep it on for 10 minutes. You paint the gel — prime the pen several times your first use — onto dry teeth when you’ve got the guard on. The guard keeps the whitener off your gums and lips: so no more sensitive gums with white spots!

This is a great product that’s easy to use, quick and effective.


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