A tasty Kickstarter: Black+ Blum’s Eau Good Duo – the ultimate water filter & infuser bottle

From the London based folks — Black + Blum — who design all kinds of sharp housewares, comes a Kickstarter to get a fantastic product off the ground. The Eau Good Duo, a portable water filter/infuser/sports bottle is perfect for nearly everyone in the family. It has the smart, ecological filter abilities of its sister product — the Eau Good Glass — but with some great innovations. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

For filtering, you fill the bottle with safe/potable water and optimally, let it wait 8 hours. Stick it in the fridge! The natural charcoal adds minerals like calcium and removes nasty chemicals, such as chlorine. Depending on where you live, this may be even more important in winter: in cold weather, natural chlorine doesn’t burn off, so you get that swimming pool taste. If you don’t have great tasting and smelling water, you may not drink enough to stay healthy.

It used to be that water infusers were these gigantic, delicate glass contraptions that you certainly wouldn’t take places. The bottle’s nipple has a built-in filter that keeps solids out of your mouth. What can you put in there? Think of all the possibilities! You can have veggie chunks like cucumber and pepper to make a no-sodium, no-calorie version of the “V” style juices at a fraction of the cost and a fresher taste. Try a virgin Pimm’s cup, a cocktail sipped in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot: strawberries, mint, cucumber, lemon and orange. Speaking of mint, here’s a really good idea. I grow on my balcony chocolate mint (yes, it’s a thing!). I infused it into water kept in the fridge for a no-calorie, brisk after-dinner candy style beverage!

The sleek bottle is easy on the hands to carry, with silicone straps and a loop for a soft touch. Perfect for long hikes!


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