Get ready for holiday entertaining with Root7’s Geo glasses

Whether you haul out the rare whisky or the regular stuff when guests come to your home this holiday season, how you present drinks makes all the different in creating an atmosphere of hospitality. Have elegance at your fingertips with Root7s Geo glasses. I was happy to be hosted to discover them!

Root7 is a London-based company re-imagining drinkware. After all, presentation and utility adds to your pleasure. Geo glasses — reputedly, the Queen of England wants some — come in gold and also, matte black edges. The heavy, hand-blown glasses are angled, for a substantial feel in your hand and modern look. Even the lips of the glasses are specially designed for a better drinking experience.

They are made to stack — which looks great in a china cabinet. You do have to wash them by hand and since they have metal, you can’t use them in the microwave. On their website, they show what appears to be water with lemon and fresh rosemary. Why not? Make even the simplest of beverages special.

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