Costas Inn: the fresh seafood and fun times keep coming in Baltimore County [classic article]

Baltimore County’s Costas Inn just celebrated its 42’d anniversary this weekend! The family owned and run restaurant is an institution known far and wide — their delicacies appear regularly in publications and on national shows like the Today show.

Recently, the restaurant has been offering live classic rock bands on Friday nights, always festive. Another festive time at Costas Inn — something you should definitely be keeping in mind for the remainder of March Madness — is whenever big games are playing. There are two distinct areas to Costas Inn, but the full menu is available in the bar, too! That means their huge, tender steamed shrimp, massive prime rib when on special, everything.

Here’s a new discovery I made this time around: let’s say you can’t eat oysters for either dietary or religious reasons. You don’t have to miss out on their absolutely luscious and unique Rockefeller topping! They have it available on beautifully cooked grouper. That’s right, all the rich provolone, Amaretto, spinach . . . it can all be yours now.

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