Enjoy Blanton’s Original Single Barrel, one of the world’s finest bourbons [classic article]

Whether you head to one of Baltimore’s finest restaurants, bars, or even one of the city’s top-end liquor stores, start thinking about treating yourself to Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon. This gourmet, artisan product has many of the qualities of sipping a fine cognac or Armagnac. This is the stuff that will not be mixed into umbrella cocktails. . . it’s a masterpiece on its own or with an ice cube or two. I was very happy to be able to try it!

The nose to me had some orange blossom honey and a touch of spice. It’s a deep amber color. The flavor when taken neat is a heady vanilla flavor, with all the qualities of natural vanilla. It’s a warming bourbon and very, very smooth. There’s a touch of sweetness, but not overly so. It’s not earthy at all. The warm caramel notes come out after a few minutes and with a touch of “branch” (spring water) to open it up, the bourbon becomes even smoother.The orange notes then come out. It has a nice, thick mouth feel. There’s a tiny touch of smoke, but a honey approach on the mouth. The aftertaste is of spice.

Can we also talk about the gorgeous presentation? Each hand-bottled bourbon has a jockey and horse cap, with a teeny letter. Each letter is one in “Blanton’s” and collectors try to spell out the word. You can feel proud presenting this to any dignitary as a gift.

Here are the official notes on Blanton’s Original Single Barrel and what makes it so prized.

Taken from the center-cut or middle sections of the famous Warehouse H, Blanton’s Original was once designated for ambassadors, dignitaries, and Colonel Blanton’s family and friends. Today, everyone has access to the world’s first single barrel bourbon. The taste profile is sweet with citrus and oak. A creamy vanilla nose features hints of nuts, caramel, orange and light chocolate. Blanton’s Original set the standard for single barrel bourbons. Best served neat or on the rocks. 46.5% alcohol by volume.

Type: Bourbon Whiskey

Recipe: Corn – Rye – Malted Barley

Mash Type: Sour

Still Proof: 70% Alcohol by Volume – 140 proof

Entry Proof: 62.5% Alcohol by Volume – 125 proof

Warehouse: H

Barrel Type: White Oak

Maker: Independent Stave

Staves: 6 month air dry

Treatment: #4 Char

Filtration: Chill Filtered

Bottle Proof: 46.5% Alcohol by Volume – 93 proof

Color: Reddish Amber Color

Tasting Notes:

Nose: A spicy aroma of Dried Citrus and Orange Peels with a hint of Caramel and Vanilla.

Palate Entry: Full and soft, marked by a mix of Burnt Sugar, Caramel, Orange, and Cloves.

Finish: Muted but well balanced with Vanilla, Honey, and Citrus.
Best Served: Straight, on ice, or used in a premium cocktail.

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