Not all Southern restaurants serve Southern eats: comforting Silvertron Cafe [classic article]

So, you followed my advice and hopped a quick direct flight from Baltimore’s BWI to Birmingham to check out food that influenced many Maryland restaurants in operation here today: the daddy of fine Southern dining and also, the latest, hottest Iron Chef winner’s cuisine. There comes a moment when you’d like to relax: budget-wise, outfit-wise, flavor-wise. Like a superhero to the rescue — with even a superhero-type name — comes Silvertron Cafe’.

Chef Marco Morosini has taken over a long-standing secret neighborhood haunt. Silverton Cafe’ is known for its extensive menu, so there are offerings for almost any appetite craving. That being said, though Chef Morosini never set out to do an Italian restaurant, he has sneaked some authentic, home-cooking Northern Italian favorites onto the menu and they are stellar.

Cheese & Herb Stuffed Fried Artichoke Hearts Stuffed with mozzarella, Parmesan and herbs, side of marinara is a comfort appetizer from his birthplace that hits all the favorite notes of an American starter: crispy fried coating, creamy melty cheese, piquant sauce to dip in.

The super neighborhood secret of Birmingham is that Silvertron Cafe’ — unlike several in town — is open on Mondays and has what must be the steal/deal of the week: starting at 5 pm until close, $7.95 for any of their pastas, with $1 off glasses of wine and $4 off bottles of wine. I heartily recommend Nonna’s Pasta Fettuccine pasta with fresh spinach & crushed toasted pecans in a cream and Feta cheese sauce.Chef Morosini started making his own fettucini noodles in-house. They are tender and delicate and this creamy sauce is the perfect compliment.

If you’re not in the mood for pasta, their tuna is sushi grade, even for fun composed salads with tuna skewers.

This is the locale to get Birmingham’s signature martini, The Birminghammer. It incorporates Birmingham’s Buffalo Rock ginger ale and gin. It’s very quenching and smooth. The official description of it is enough to have you reach for your swooning salts and a fainting couch. In another circle set, the word schmaltzy comes to mind: “This is a somewhat drier martini. It’s about as sweet as a Southern woman saying, “Bless your heart.”. (Amigos, that ain’t sweet at all. I once resigned from a board of trustees of a Southern charity after hearing that zinger.) And if you don’t know what THAT means — you obviously ain’t from around here. what this martini offers is a slow, hot gingered kiss mixed with just a hint of a cool breeze on that old front porch swing. (And if you haven’t experienced any of that — well, bless your heart. Maybe you should order TWO.”

The Silvertron Cafe’ is located at 3813 Clairmont Av., Birmingham, Al 35222
P. (205)591.3707F. (205)591.0951

They are open seven days a week, Monday to Friday from 11am to 10pm, saturday from 8am to 10pm (serving Breakfast from 8am to 11am) and Sunday 11am to 9pm (serving brunch from 11am to 2pm).

2010 voted: one of the best dessert sin town (white chocolate bread pudding)
2009 voted:
“Best Breakfast”,
“Best Pancakes” and “One of the Best Brunches in Town” by Birmingham Magazine
2008 voted: “Best Kept Secret”, “Best Pancakes” and “2nd Best Place for Kids” by Birmingham Magazine

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