Dine like a Southern Belle at the Hotel Roanoke’s Regency Room [classic article]

Are you coming from Baltimore to our neighboring state of Virginia and looking for an authentically elegant Southern dining experience? Your place to go is the Regency Room at the Hotel Roanoke, in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. They’re proud of the charm and tradition that this Baviarian chateau-looking stately hotel has been providing for decades. This is a destination where Miss Virginia portraits grace the walls and many a debutante has made her bow. The restaurant retains graceful tea dance events. I’m glad I got the opportunity to experience their fine daily Southern-style buffet lunch.

The Regency Room is committed to serving seasonal, local produce and meats. They work with a Floyd County cooperative called Good Food, Good People, which helps business owners to purchase produce from area farmers. The foods are picked to order and delivered within 24 hours. The restaurant also buys lamb from Border Springs Farm in Patrick County.

The signature items of the Regency Room are their creamy Virginia peanut soup made with vegetarian stock and their buttery spoon bread presented in a cute mini cast iron pan. The house-made potato salad is made with finely diced potatoes, capers, fresh parsley and mayo. They also have a tempting signature dessert: the Hotel Roanoke bread pudding, served hot with raisins and bourbon sauce, which is a rich, bourbon-infused creme Anglaise.

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