Baltimore County’s hotspot for homemade Greek cuisine and super socializing: 7 West Bistro [classic article]

There’s a new restaurant in Towson – Baltimore County – that’s going like gangbusters: 7 West Bistro. With a huge space, authentic Greek cuisine, live music, and lots of flat screen tv’s, it’s become instantly popular with everyone from college students to professionals to retirees. The ambiance is modern, yet warm: you’ll find exposed brick, polished wood floors, and several large tables suitable for all your rowdy friends to come ’round.

Most everything is loving homemade, with generous portions, nicely presented and yet, the prices are quite reasonable. Start out with a dip sampler, which will include a very flavorful tzatziki (not the typical yogurt with just a smidge of cucumber chunks) and a mild, richly crafted taramosalata. If you haven’t had it before — or maybe just have tried the supermarket variety — you will really polish off 7 West Bistro’s fish roe/aioli spread.

The grilled rack of lamb and tzatziki appetizer is kinda hidden in the menu… but if it were up to me, I’d put it in 20 point font with glitter gel on the top. Order them medium rare — they come out juicy and perfect. They’re this secret gourmet item for less than $10.

Whether you order a more Maryland type of special — like when they have stuffed Rockfish — or a traditional Greek item, definitely order some stewed lima beans as a side. Here’s another example of the quiet gourmet touches that 7 W Bistro takes: they import special lima beans from Greece. The beans turn out huge and firm, with the restaurant cooking them in a tangy, herb-packed, but light tomato sauce.

The meat gyros here are not some “steak-umm” slices in a pita, like many places do. They are authentically roasted and shaved off the spit, with huge pieces of feta, tzatziki, chunks of tomatoes to boot.


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