Will Bruce Willis be hawking bargain vodka in Baltimore? [classic article]

According to Market Watch magazine, Bruce Willis has been tapped to be the new pitchman for Sobieski Vodka. This Polish vodka is trying to draw out a niche of being against the hype. Its website asserts that vodka can only be made from the type of rye they happen to use and that multiple distillations don’t “necessarily” result in a better vodka. Tell that to all the brands who spend money to multiply distill vodka such as Van Gogh, Oval, XO, Alaska, etc.

Actually, the New York Times blind tested mixing vodkas and found Smirnoff to be the best. They couldn’t believe the results, so they tested again. Same result! I usually order Smirnoff now when I order vodka cocktails.

It’s odd that Sobieski castigates other brands for “selling sex,” and then gets its own movie star pitchman. Wouldn’t the brand re-enforcement make more sense if it just sold the bottle — the steak, not the sizzle? Also, Willis is a multi-bazillionaire these days. This ad would have had more credibility in his Moonlighting days, as an every man’s drink. Willis can quaff cocktails iced with frozen diamonds without flinching now, so the connection just isn’t there.

Will we be seeing this vodka being pushed at restaurants in Baltimore? It probably depends on how cheap it is wholesale!

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