Off-the-beaten-path beach hangout for tasty Maryland seafood, steak: Traders [classic article]

Chesapeake Beach, Maryland is a little under the radar for most tourists, but it’s worth venturing to Calvert County to enjoy the freshest Maryland seafood and other delicacies. Chespeake Beach is laid-back and friendly. Plus, their restaurants know how to ramp up the fun! The town has grandfathered into their charter the right to have video gaming.

Traders Seafood Steak Ale is a popular local hangout. People love watching the game on their outdoor deck, but this is Redskins territory, for sure! Traders has gaming inside.They also have comedy nights as well as live bands. Every once in a while, they sneak in a celeb such as a former member of Waylon Jennings’ band, according to the owner. Checking out the gorgeous Indians in the parking lot, you can tell the place is biker friendly. I’m glad I got to try it out!

Traders has a special, fun drink they call the Traders Twister: it involves pineapple vodka, key lime rum, coconut rum, a splash of cherry and orange.

The crab dip — and you know that’s a badge of honor in Maryland — is very rich and creamy. The broiled cheese on top adds to the tastiness.

I hear lots of locals like many of the non-seafood items such as Reubens and hot turkey sandwiches. What? Are they bored with delicious seafood? I suppose it happened to the first settlers, too, eventually. I went six of one, half-dozen of the other with the Traders Steak Chesapeake: 8-oz filet of sirloin topped with lump crabmeat and their own Bearnaise sauce. The steak was beautifully cooked, well-marbled and juicy. The crabmeat was perfectly fresh, sweet and tender. Is the luxurious Bearnaise sauce with fresh tarragon over the top? Nope! It’s decadently just right!

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