Peruvian food in Baltimore County: Panka’s [classic article]

I’m addicted to Target, it’s true. As soon as return home from a shopping trip to the big box store, I realize I forgot something on my list. All that shopping works up an appetite! I was willing to try out Panka’s — a new Peruvian restaurant — around the bend, but didn’t know what to expect. I was most pleasantly surprised!

Offal at Panka’s

Some might have said don’t order the Anticucho Mixto — it was late at night, who knows how it was prepared, etc. It was absolutely excellent! I first tried beef heart last month in Sweden and knew it to have a beefy flavor with a bit firmer texture than steak. Here, it had a hearty beef grill flavor with a beautiful char and touch of spicy heat.

The tripe was tender, spiced and flavorful. It’s served with spicy pepper hot sauce on the side, along with big kernels of Peruvian corn.

On special: Causa de pollo

I’m glad I ordered one of the evening specials: Causa de pollo. It’s a cold dish, with seasoned mashed potatoes, shredded chicken, mayo, red onions and spices. It was delicious, plentiful and rich: I took some home for a hearty lunch!

The chicken salad was of a medium sized shred, beautifully presented between layers of potato and a red onion/kalamata olive aioli.

Chicken at Panka’s

This was a well-prepared chicken — lots of places don’t hit the mark. It was very crunchy and seasoned outside, tender and juicy inside. Herb and plain aioli is served on the side, along with 2 side dishes. I selected yucca and a creamy shredded coleslaw with cabbage, red cabbage, carrots and rich mayo.

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