Local steak to envy at McAllen, TX’s Salt – New American Table [classic article]

American steaks are the envy of the rest of the world, with Texas steaks being that much more so. So, I was very glad to be hosted to experience McAllen, Texas’ Salt – New American Table! The dining room is lower-lit, but not furtive; you could go with friends or loved ones and dress fairly casually.

McAllen, Texas is known as “The Texas Tropics” and I bet a bunch people in the Arctic-freezing North would love to thaw out amongst the palm trees and balmy air right now. The good news is that the local food is excellent, too.

Salt has the local touch in cocktails, but they’re lucky: there are Texas-made rums, vodkas and tequilas. I tried an interesting drink with I suppose, a healthy touch. The Carrot Colada features Texas’ White Hat Rum, fresh carrot juice, coconut water, orange and coconut sugar. Coconut sugar has a flavor akin to brown sugar, but the drink was not overly sweet.

Before your meal, you are presented with a box of steak knives from which to select.

The star of the menu is their 24 oz. McAllen Ranch New York Strip, dry aged 30 days with Amogio sauce (a Sicilian tomato-garlic sauce) and gorgonzola. The meat was perfectly cooked and beautifully marbled. With this size, you can definitely share! Their steak has a great “beefy” flavor, not livery. It was simply seasoned, highlighting its quality.

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