Sodas, old-school style! A visit to Martinsburg, WV’s Patterson’s Drug Store[classic article]

I just visited Martinsburg, West Virginia for sentimental reasons: that’s where my dog, Mr. Jefferson was born! He had spent time at the pound there and somehow made it to Baltimore County and Baltimore City. Columbus Day was beautiful and we got thirsty while strolling around.

I left Mr. Jefferson outside with RoCK, while I went into Patterson’s Drug Store for some drinks! I had as much fun there as other people do with bars. The store is over 80 years old. I wish they had a Baltimore branch, as my husband and I have pronounced our local chain drug store “The Worst Place on Earth”.

Flavored Cokes

Patterson’s has full-service, vintage fountain service, where you can order all kinds of desserts. I wish I had grabbed a menu or something! I found out that they make their own vanilla Cokes and cherry Cokes. I ordered both, diabetes be damned!

They were properly mixed, having just the right amount of flavor and sweetness.

vintage apothecary jars

Patterson’s keeps on display many of the vintage apothecary jars that it used over the years in preparing pharmacy prescriptions for its customers. It’s charming to see!

Teaberry gum

Teaberry gum is one of a few odd flavors that are put out by Clark’s, an obscure vintage candy company. Another flavor — not at the store — is the licorice Black Jack.

I only knew of two people who were fanatics of Teaberry, a clove-flavored gum. One was my Bubbie Sonia, who was born in 1896. The other is a big-time attorney now — Bill Atkins — who was editor in chief of Law Forum when we were at UB Law.

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