Herring to your heart’s content! The Baltic Herring Fair in Helsinki, Finland [classic article]

Many of my American friends can’t even imagine eating herring. After all, we only know the vile, squishy stuff that comes in a jar! Conversely, many of my new Finnish friends can’t imagine not eating herring . . . but they sure can imagine passing the jarred stuff up, too.

Trust me, fresh Baltic herring is a whole different creature, flavor-wise. It’s got a firm texture and mild flavor. You can find it with a number of different sauces, including a sweet mustard-dill. It’s tasty!

The Baltic Herring Fair in Helsinki’s market square on the harbor attracts all kinds of people: traditionalists, hipsters, locals, tourists. You can find herring fishermen selling their products in many formats, along with accompaniments and handcrafted goods. There’s also live music and an even livelier atmosphere.

I feel like they need a mascot in the future, a “Mr. Herring” to walk around and take pictures with people.

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