Is ‘The Best’ Chinese restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium really that?[classic article]

If you’re staying at the Radisson Blu in Antwerp, Belgium, it’s good to know your reasonably priced, later night dining options nearby. Right around the corner from the hotel is Antwerp’s Chinatown. There’s a place that’s optimistically named “The Best“. I can’t go that far, but they have some inexpensive items that the spot after a night out.

Quiet piano music plays in the background.

Roasted duck soup

I don’t think I ever had roasted duck soup before, but I figured it would be satisfying. It’s really more like a stew, not very liquid-y. There are fresh scallions, seasoned with black pepper, shredded carrots and buckwheat noodles.

steamed pork dumplings

This little bamboo steamer basket has steamed pork dumplings with little orange caviar on top. They were flavorful and tender, a good little snack.

Fried prawn rolls

These are fried prawn rolls: prawns and scallions in a crispy, flaky roll. Of the three dishes I tried, this one perhaps wowed me the least. Maybe it needed some interesting veggies in the rolls.

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