Eat like they do on Canada’s Campobello Island + the way you like to, too: The Porch at Friar’s Bay Inn

When you’re on an island and one whose main access is from another country, you’d better make a battle plan as to what you’ll be eating. Well, the folks in the Friar’s Bay community of New Brunswick’s Campobello Island have figured this out and upgraded the scene in time for the summer visitor’s season. The Porch at Friar’s Bay Inn is “the place to be” for all your meals. But, NB — not New Brunswick, nota bene — on weekdays, they close down at 4 pm Atlantic Time, which is 3 pm EST right across the bridge in Maine.

The restaurant is affiliated with an inn. Inside, there are all kinds of local art and crafts, music for sale. They keep the seaside theme and it’s definitely come-as-you-are.

If you’re staying for an extended period of time or for you, it’s “Eat to live, not live to eat,” they’ve got you covered. They make on the spot all kinds of healthy smoothies, with ingredients like greens, local blueberries, hemp hearts. When I’m home, I try to do that as often as possible and keeping up with your routine while away certainly has its benefits.

I also noticed upscale Monin coffee syrups.

This is what they say about the place:

“The updated menu will feature locally sourced food such as soups, sandwiches, specialty salads, and burgers. As the season progresses, new entrees, seafood chowders and daily specials will be added. You can dine in or take away for a picnic or a family meal at the Inn & Cottages. If you have allergies, just tell your server.

Bear in mind,  we are on an island so sometimes the menu will change to accommodate a scarcity or a season treat! Check out the blackboard when you come to visit.”

I ate there for breakfast and dinner, trying to soak up the local Canadian cuisine. I tried the Captain breakfast, as it seems to be Campobello Island’s answer to the British breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage, fried bologna, fresh-cut homefries, (French toast or ) fish cake, 2 slices of toast (the choices included sourdough).

First, when you remember that New Brunswick has part of the Appalachian Trail, then fried bologna starts to make a lot of sense!

The fish cake is salted pollack made into a fried cake, like a coddie. Mild and delicious! They offer 2 condiments, tartar sauce and chow chow — I tried both. The chow chow is like a ginger marmalade.

House-made lemonade was served with a blue sugar rim.

For dinner, although the Fish and Chips seem to be a specialty, I went for something a bit more unique and Canadian: the Porch Burger. It’s served with BBQ sauce, cheese curds, deep fried onion and pickles. You know how some places serving a burger with a lot of add-ons can seem gimmicky, sloppy and way too much? This was not that! The accompaniments were in just the right portion and the curds were melted, as to form a single, approachable layer of cheese. Very tasty!

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