Spring hair cleaning at its finest with Philip B.!

Spring has sprung and most of us are looking forward to heading out, seeing and being seen. You’re going to want good everything days, let along “good hair” days. You may have had months or even a couple of years when you weren’t taking the best care of your hair. For less than the cost of a new outfit, you can instead invest in how you look day and night, no matter what. It works better than jewelry in terms of allure.

There are few things in this world where all of us can treat ourselves to the best that’s in the marketplace. But there’s a reason why Forbes magazine calls products from the Philip B. line part of “100 Things Worth the Splurge”! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Here is a selection of products that will work for the vast majority of hair types, giving back health, shine, liveliness when you maybe have been neglecting yourself.

Everybody needs the well-beloved Rejuvenating Oil, because it’s lightweight, keratin and color treated safe (which cannot be said for all oils) and can be used in a variety of ways. Though it has a water-like slip and isn’t sticky or tacky at all, it certainly features vitamin and nutrient-rich oils, like olive, nut, lavender and jojoba oils. I experienced the fragrance as tropical-herbal. The scent is fresh and sophisticated. The oil is packaged in a dark glass bottle with a dropper, to keep the contents fresh and immaculate.

Unlike other oils, you apply it to (dry) roots and work it down the shaft of the hair. Depending on the extent of damage to your hair, you leave it in anywhere from 20 minutes to 15 hours. Apply shampoo before wetting your hair. This oil really helps heal cotton candy hair! I sometimes warm up a drop to apply to crispy ends at the end of styling.

Depending on what your hair needs or needs today, Weightless Conditioning Water is all you need after shampooing! It has hair polishers like silicone, horsetail extract, nettle and rosemary. This pump spray has a deeply floral, Southern magnolia fragrance. You can use it on wet or dry hair. I use it as an extra boost after fully conditioning, because I have very damaged hair and it helps smooth things over.

There’s another finishing spray that you need no matter who you are and what your hair is like: Detangling Toning Mist. It combats the pH level of tap water – which I assume you’re rinsing your hair with – to tone your scalp and untangle your hair more easily. Apple cider vinegar, as well as nut and flower oils have been used since time immemorial for hair. These ingredients not only do healthy things for you, but they also add non-greasy shine. This does not smell like vinegar, rather, it has a very light floral scent.

Are you behind the times on hair technology? Are you under the impression that a conditioner needs to have the consistency of wet cement and feel like you melted crayons on your hair for it to work? Wrong! Lightweight Deep Conditioner is one of Philip B.’s most famous products. It has a silky, lotion consistency and is also redolent of Southern magnolias. You only have to keep it on for 1-3 minutes, too. You comb it through before rinsing – so, keep a comb or special shower hair tool in there! – which lessens the stress on your hair while detangling. Genius! I could see that after styling, my hair had the life of untreated hair, instead of damaged strands strangled into submission.

In your mind, what does “everyday” mean to your life? Do you take it to be ordinary, forgettable? Now, picture what “everyday” means to royalty, to movie stars, to heirs and heiresses. The expectations are elevated, no? Philip B. wants your “everyday” to be special, as it should be. Everyday Beautiful Conditioner has intense color care and a spicy, citrus peel Sicilian neroli fragrance. This is a product that you can use on a regular basis to make every day a good hair day. It’s unusual to have a product that protects color, cuts out frizz and yet, allows your natural body to remain.

The consistency is creamy, you leave it in for 1-3 minutes. The product has 19 essential oils, including sunflower seed oil, bergamot, orange peel oil, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, chamomile, ylang ylang, olive, tangerine, geranium, rosemary, tangerine, patchouli and others. Glamorous!

Party, party, party! One of the products that started it all is having a special anniversary. Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Peppermint Avocado Shampoo now comes in a limited edition big (11.8 oz) size with a gorgeous metallic gold label. Great for gifts!

Alright, so let’s talk about the cleansing. Whether you have product to wash out, perspiration, oily/active scalp, shampoo serves a different purpose than conditioner, even when it’s gentle. The peppermint oil in here is tingly and refreshing. There’s avocado oil, too, which is very rich and will keep hair hydrated. When you get rid of the gunk on your hair and on your scalp, your style is more lively and modern-looking.

Philip B. offers several types of shampoos and your needs can change from day to day. Weightless Volumizing Shampoo is considered the “ultimate deep clean” and give oompf to roots, thus providing volume to your style. And yet, with those actions, this is still a hydrating shampoo! The magnolia-scented translucent liquid has coconut and green tea waters, rosemary, sunflower and vitamins. You use it in conjunction with Weightless Volumizing Conditioner. If you’re thinking of the volumizing products of 30-40 years ago, with odd plasticizers or drying alcohols, you are in for a shock! The two products together do not leave residues on your hair to stand up, rather, they are strengthened. My hair was thicker and noticeably had more volume without the use of any other products. Further, it wasn’t the temporary illusion of some fancy vented brush work: the volume stayed even after I slept on it. The conditioner is scented with magnolia, with a lotion consistency. It has good for your hair ingredients like rice bran and vitamins.

If you want to have a spa day at home without a lot of fuss and bother – you’re trying to decompress, right? – how about a hair and body shampoo that smells like you went to a Nordic sauna? I’ve been to Nordic saunas, so I know what they’re like. Nordic Wood Hair and Body Shampoo will give you the effects without having to man the fires. Even its pearly, aquamarine-like color is soothing. It has cooling and fragrant ingredients like Norwegian spruce, Balsam fir, camphor and aloe vera. This is a hydrating 2-in-1, not a drying product. I still used conditioner afterwards. It’s genius for shaving!

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