Refresh your pet and pad with Mettalusso More Marigold

Madam C.J. is nearing her 8th birthday, with lots of spirit and accomplishments to her credit — though she has a severe tooth and gum problem that we just learned about. Madam seems like a very happy pup, with a new 12 year old cat beau next door, paw shaking and other tricks at her command, as well as keeping the local squirrels in line.

With the spring weather, Madam will stop all of a sudden and furiously roll around in some muddy grassy spot. I probably don’t even want to know what’s got her so wound up. With that, it’s good to have something easy to use to get rid of her stinkiness. I need something that’s effective, but these days especially, I don’t want her upset or freaked out. Now, there’s a new product from Mettalusso: More Marigold Multi-Use Pet Spray. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

This vegan pump spray has the pH formula for pets’ skin and fur, but also can deodorize rooms, pet areas and cars. It has ingredients like aloe vera juice, marigold extract (which is calming) and hemp seed oil. With a light scent, I found it to be a cross between floral and shortcake. Although Madam doesn’t like the psssst sound of sprays, I was genuinely surprised that she didn’t fuss when getting treated. She didn’t run away, either and seemed in a good mood for the rest of the day. Win, win!

Christine Oddo, the founder of Mettalusso knows a lot about beauty: she managed the Kardashians’ first skincare line, created the Kat von D makeup line for Sephora and created content for Discovery TV’s reality show, Ten Years Younger.

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