Prep for luxuriant hair growth with new Philip B. Scalp Booster

I feel like I could be the officer of a club where nobody’s hair ever grows. Even during the lockdowns, when only certain people could get haircuts, mine didn’t grow. My cousin’s hair grew like a foot. Guys were sporting long hair. The ladies in my neighborhood who get the tight little bonnet hood sets are swinging around long Barbie hair, supposedly all annoyed. I’m actually annoyed, like the girl with the overbite meme, giving irritated side eye. It may be hard to eat the ideal amount of protein each day these days, but I swear I’m not subsisting off Pez and Cheetos.

Turns out, you have to do some planning to have a chance of turning things around. Just like the finest gourmet veggies, glorious flowers and collectible wines, you have to nourish the growing site — in our case, the scalp. It’s a need that until now, has not been properly addressed.

Now, we have super luxury hair care brand, Philip B., to the rescue! Philip B. Scalp Booster is a brand-new product that’s sure to be scooped up by all those in the know. I was happy to be hosted to experience it! Philip B. is a globally renowned brand coveted by celebrities, royalty, CEO’s, who expect and accept nothing less than the finest things the world has to offer.

As it turns out, Scalp Booster might be more of a therapy session than just hair care! The application process kinda forces you to be nicer to yourself than you might have been being. Every other day, you apply 10-15 drops of the oil on a dry, unwashed scalp. It smells like intense orange peels. Then, you massage your scalp for 1-2 minutes, just like they’d do at the salon. You probably haven’t done that for, forever. Then, wash your hands and go relax for 10-20 minutes. Okay, you can do stuff, it’s not runny, but why not add to the experience? You’re waiting for the oil to warm up, then cool down.

Ingredients do include orange peel, along with green tea and lavender. Soothing!

So, you shampoo and rinse it out. After using it several times, I feel like I’m able to style my hair better, because it gets out the gunk at the root of your hair, without using some harsh stripper. Also, my roots seem healthy, so I have high hopes for being able to grow my hair out.

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