Be your own best valentine, with sexy bath products from!

If you’re looking at the calendar, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that you may have to be your own best valentine, at this stage of the game. You know what? That’s fine! You know what you like, you know you deserve the best and you can get some things that might set the scene for future romance! has some exquisite, fun bath and shower products that will certainly put you in the mood, whether a due’ or by yourself with a candle and an engrossing book. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier is a line that used to have a tough, biker vibe to it, but now it’s more mainstream and cute. They’ve made bath fizz balls with their Love Kills Slowly scent, all hot pink and skulls. It slowly dissolves and fizzes in your bath, with a subtle floral aroma. I feel it softens water as well as those classic hard water bath tablets that were so big when I was a kid.

Philosophy makes a 3-in-1 shampoo/shower gel/bath rich gel in many scents, including apple cider. The apple cider variety has a recipe on the bottle for spiced apple cider, which looks easy and doable! The gel is a light copper with copper pearl sheen. The scent is soft, sweet and slightly buttery, like fried apples or cider with a caramel drizzle.

I had never used this product as a shampoo, but I tried it this time: very nice! I applied a conditioner afterwards, but certainly my hair was just as manageable and fresh as with a dedicated hair washing product. It is also good for shaving.

Ahava is a vegan Israeli brand, made of ingredients from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is said to have the highest concentration of skin beneficial minerals in the world. I have been to Israel! Ahava’s visitors’ center is near historic Masada, where many critical events to the Jewish people took place. King Herod had two palaces there, which included a natural spa with cool, underground water. The place is on a high cliff that served as part of a fortress. It’s still very physically challenging to get there and by the time I got to the Ahava center, I was too hot and tired to buy anything! Make your life easier, get their products from

Deadsea Water Mineral Shower Gel in cactus and pink pepper fragrance is a very sophisticated, unisex scent. There’s a little musk-like fragrance, along with green aqueous notes, reminiscent of aloe. It’s in a squeeze tube as a thick, clear, rose tint — almost a gelee’. It’s brilliant for shaving! It’s not foamy or drying. You would feel very pampered to use this every day.

Molton Brown is a line from London with a Royal Warrant: By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, Supplier of Toiletries. Their Mesmerizing Oudh Accord Bath and Shower Gel is truly a luxury product. It’s a dark maple color with lots of visible gold flecks! The scent is very spicy, but not baking spiced — more woodsy. Definitely a great unisex item to be enjoyed by everyone. It serves as a beautiful base for your spice/woody perfumes, but holds its own, to give you an alluring scent. They describe it like this: “London via Assam. A canopy of evergreens sloped along the mountain. Rare, resinous heartwood, dense and dark. Honey-gold sun prisms in a downpour of warm rain. Explore the steamy depths of a spiced forest. Top notes of cinnamon leaf, nutmeg and bergamot. A heart of elemi, myrrh and black tea. A base of oudh, vetiver and honey.” It’s not only a rich and exotic fragrance, it’s also brilliant shaving!

Growing up as a little girl in Chicago, it could have been easy to feel like that girl in the Norman Rockwell painting who stares at the mirror with her head in her hands, with a pinup postcard propped up as a comparison. The people were so glamorous! Even the hostess of our local noon day ladies’ talk show went on to create The Young and The Restless.

My dad had a store in the Loop and not too far away was Marilyn Miglin’s famous salon. Skipping past in saddle shoes, I made careful note. One day, when it was my time to be glamorous, why . . . I would have to make an appointment there!

Her fragrance, ‘Pheromone’, is said to be among the top 10 luxury fragrances sold in the US. If you’ve seen her on tv, she always has these Cinderella stories about women wearing the fragrance and immediately meeting Prince Charming. Well, I’m in a sort of isolated, mask mandate situation, but boy, howdy — I’m ready for that to change. Now, I’m ready!

Pheremone Hydrating Bath and Shower Gel (I applied it as suggested with a washcloth, mine was red for Valentine’s Day) is a clear, silky liquid and very fragrant. At first, the fragrance is very va-va-voom! but dries to a clean, elegant floral. It smells like a lady! This is how they describe the 179 ingredient mixture:

  •  Top Notes: Bergamot Italian, Leafy Greens and Orange Flower
  •  Mid Notes: Jasmin Italian, Geranium Bourbon, Iris de Florence and Cassie Absolute
  •  Base Notes: Sandalwood East Indies, Oakmoss and Vanilla Absolute 

You’ll feel extra chic having a Juicy Couture Caviar Bath Soak jar on display: its silver-toned cap with almost a coat of arms on top whispers, “exclusive”. These are moisturizing pellets, not a drying salt. I found the scent to be a light gourmand-floral that leaves your skin perfumed and comforted. This is how they describe it: patchouli, caramel, lily, and mandarin.

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