Have your pasta and eat it too: Al Dente’s Carba-Nada

Oh, how I love pasta! It’s easy to make, I’m a decent saucier and pasta is affordable. But carbohydrates really, really don’t like me. I’ve tried those substitutes made out of mung beans or something like that, but they’ve always seemed like a punishment instead of dinner. Now the good folks at Al Dente Pasta have created Carba-Nada fusilli pasta! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Normally, pasta can have 45g-75g of carbohydrates per serving or even more. Carba-Nada fusilli has only 25g per serving! At only 170 calories, it still provides pretty much a meal’s worth of nutrition at 15g of protein (pretty much like a protein shake) and 8g of fiber, which in my understanding of nutrition is outstanding. It’s also Kosher.

The pasta is quick-cooking — 5 minutes. There is a metal twist tie to keep the bag sealed when you use just part of the contents.

So, what does it taste like? It’s good pasta! Nice and al dente, with that comfort food flavor. Fusilli is good with liquid sauces.

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