Gorgeous nails for anyone, everyone: Color Street

I’ll admit it flat out: I have the nails of a 12-year-old boy. I type all day and half the night. I swim several times a week. It’s probably been two years since I had a professional manicure. So, I normally would never think of nail art or appliques or anything like that. But I had an eye-opening experience with Color Street . I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

New Yorker Fa Park was inspired to invent Color Street nail polish strips when he observed a woman in a taxicab trying to polish her nails. I. Can’t. Even.

The shiny real polish strips have base coat, polish and topcoat built in, with no drying time. They’re the thinness of cling wrap and come in so many styles! They have sophisticated solids, clear nail art (so subtle and appropriate for professional settings. I’m a lawyer and I’d wear them for everything except for a major criminal trial!), glitters, French manicures, even pedicures!

The flat, #6 envelope sized kits have everything you need: a wipe pad, a set with a few extra for picking the closest size) and a mini nail file. Since I have less than a millimeter of nail extending, I didn’t know if I’d be able to cut down the strips. No worries! You just stick them on and pull a bit– they tear off at the edge of your nail! I barely needed the file at all. These are perfect for on the go. Certainly better than polishing your nails in a NYC cab!

They say that the strips can last up to 10 days. I’d describe the wear as much like a professional manicure. I feel they’re very protective for the nails and they’re not being damaged by chemicals.

They remove with nail polish remover.

They’d be perfect for Secret Santa gifts, stocking stuffers, Day 8 of Hannukah, Kwanzaa, stuffed inside a birthday card, everything!

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