Tasty new lunch spot: Chessie’s Food Works in Stevenson Village

A local favorite food truck now has a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Baltimore County’s Stevenson Village: Chessie’s Food Works. A real restaurant, with indoor seating! Remember those? On my recent visit, the upstairs of the property wasn’t set up for extra seating. They still have alfresco tables and with a beautiful day, it’s very relaxing. Nobody’s looking to kick you off your table. I like to bring a book when I’m eating alone!

Chessie’s Food Works has a deceptively full menu for such a nugget of a space. They offer both simple and gourmet breakfast items when you crave it, including fresh fruit adorned French toast.

With the food truck, both they and patrons took to posting when some fan favorite had run out for the day.

There are several salads and also, vegan selections, so everyone will feel comfortable eating here.

I also noticed that they fill a gap that’s often missing from luncheon places: they have hearty, hot sandwiches. Some people like eating like a king at the noon hour (“dinner”), with something lighter at evening time (“supper”). You’ll find Reubens, smash burgers, crab cakes and other specials.

Now, the dish that got them the buzz — that has people chasing the food truck like Snoopy — is their lobster roll. I’ve eaten lobster rolls here, there (Boston) and everywhere, but this is exceptional. The lightly grilled, sweet brioche bun beautifully complements the MASSIVE claws! No shredded little bits here. The lobster meat is lightly dressed, with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. At $20, this is a steal.

What adds to the value: lobster rolls (and a few other items) include a side of your choice. I could have been a “good girl” and gone with one of their veggie offerings, but I did hear that the mac and cheese is a must-have. I appreciated the al dente, large cavateppi pasta with cheddar.

I saw in the case something interesting and couldn’t resist, especially as it’s a “cheesecake holiday” this weekend for some of us. They have key lime cheesecake in a big plastic cup. The crust layer is crushed, very buttery crackers. The rich and tangy cheesecake is topped with fresh whipped cream and grated lime zest, all made in-house by the chef!

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